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From forward architecture to interior design incorporating original works by local artists, our goal is to create a timeless project and provide luxury homes that immerse residents in the city’s unique and exceptional lifestyle.

This bas relief, made up of some 900 ceramic discs,was created by Montréal artist Pascale Girardin. By sculpting with both hands,the clay on which we stand, she probes the mysteries, layers and depths of Earth, water and the Milky Way. Her journey in the world of art combines movement, lightness and harmony.

pascale girardin

wild flag studios

Designed by Vanessa Harden and David Gardener ofWild Flag Studios, this interactive sculpture, a 1.8-m-diameter spherical art piece resting on a 2.9-m base, built of metal and fixed to a circular base,will harness the light from the sun to cast intricate shadows during the day.At night, the sphere is internally lit, glowing and throwing light patterns on surrounding surfaces to create a magical atmosphere.

Solstice is proud to showcase Montréal creativity by enhancing the lobby with an Exocet™ chair from designer Stéphane Leathead. With its almost limitless configurations, this amazing transformable chair will provide a conspicuously intriguing addition to an already spectacular lobby.

stéphane leathead – EXOCET™